Crown As A Dental Restoration

Dental crowns can be made of three different restorative materials (all ceramic, porcelain fused to metal, zirconia or gold), which materials are chosen to create the crown is determined by a variety of needs including strength requirements, aesthetic demands, and space available for the restoration.

The need for a crown develops when a decay or damage to a tooth is too much to be helped with a veneer, or if a root canal has taken place. Subject to what material is chosen to create your crown, it will either be made at the dental office, or in a laboratory. Prior to receiving the crown, it is a typical to have a consultation visit where preparation processes for the procedure and impressions of your existing tooth will be prepared by your dentist in order to make the right sized and shaped crown. During this consultation, a temporary crown could be placed on the damaged tooth to preserve it until final placement.

During the second appointment, the new dental crown will be placed and fastened in. Some patients may need to have a local anesthetic; but this is generally painless to the majority of patients. The crown will be looked over by dentist for the way it is placed to make sure it fits properly. You will be instructed to look in a mirror to check shape and color. Once you and your dentist are satisfied with the crown, it will be cemented into position and any extra dental cement can be scraped away by the dentist.

After the placement of a crown, your dentist will supply you with details about proper care for your new crown.

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